Opal Country and Gift Shop

Introducing our new fresh for the summer menu, we will be doing fabulous soups, fantastic salads, and phenomenal sandwiches!

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Gift Shop

The gift shop is where you will find Opal for sale. You can find rough opal, polished opal specimins, opal jewelry, pretty much any thing imaginable to do with opal you can find it here. Also please note that all opal is hand made in America, yes it is hand dug, hand cut, hand polished, and made into opal solids or triplets by hand. So yes, proudly made in America!

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As you can see in the pictures, there is a wide variety of other minerals and gems as well as many other interesting and cool things. We try and keep the store shelves stocked with interesting things to suit the needs and tastes of our different customers.

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Mine for Opals

Yes that’s right, the mini mine is open to all rock hounds and adventurers who want to dig their own opal. The mini mine is conveniently located behind the Opal Country Cafe. Material is brought down from the main mine and placed within the mini mine allowing professionals and beginners alike to dig their own opals.