Opal Triplets

The triplet is what is mainly found in our store and what is seen on our site. The triplet has 3 layers, the bottom layer is black basalt, the middle layer is a very thin piece of opal and the top layer is a quarts cap. The three combinations of these make for an extremely stunning piece. The black back helps to reflect the opals color and makes it radiate its beauty, and the quarts cap helps to magnify it a tad bit but more importantly it helps to protect the opal from damage of everyday use. Quarts is extremely durable, if you had a opal triplet ring on your hand, you could bang it against a hard surface and it would be just fine, and if the cap becomes hazy after years of use, it is extremely easy to rebuff the top surface and turn it to a new clear condition again. The triplet is a perfect combination on beauty and durability.

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